In case you missed WWDC14, Apple’s developer conference for this year which had plenty of new features for the Apple devices, you can view the timeline of the events from the conference at this link here. There you will see the new major features announced as well as what you can expect for the following year for Apple devices.


Starting with the announcement of the new OS for Mac, OS X Yosemite is the latest update for Mac and has a load of new features and improvement that will be sure to make many Mac owners very happy. The name Yosemite embodies the direction and the vision of the OS. One of the important facts that Apple displayed was that PC sales are down 5% this year while Macs grew 12%, reaching 80 million units sold, a record for the company.

This is a solid number to grow from and should be a warning to Microsoft who sales who are falling most likely due to the horror that is Windows 8. The new Mac update promises to extended battery life and make using a Mac even easier than ever while adding more subtle changes to improve the aesthetics and customization of the OS.

One of the newest features that will be on the OS X is “Dark Mode” which will change the brightness not of the screen, but change the contrast and gamma of apps to be easier on the eyes when using the Mac late at night. It might not sound like a huge change, but it will affect battery life and will make viewing the screen more enjoyable.

Another change made to the OS is the notification center, which will show updates from purchases and or news of your choice. It borrows some elements from Google Now and BlinkFeed which also allow you to choose news of your choice.

Spotlight was also improved that will make searching much more convenient for the user. Spotlight will now not only search your Mac, but also online and for various apps when searching in the Spotlight. Searching spotlight for movies will bring up movies times in your area, searching a certain food in your area will bring up food in your area, and etc. Again this sounds like they were borrowing some ideas from Google and Microsoft with this seeing as how Google Search, Google Now, and Google Bing had already had these same ideas implemented for some time. This is Apple’s attempt to get users to use solely Apple services which is very interesting.

Safari has been improved with Safari said to give 2 more hours of battery life. HTML 5 Premium Video will be unveiled as a new feature, which can really be a DRM in disguise of a feature, and Safari will be safer with new security features.

Mail can now support 5Gb attachment files which is a very good improvement over the standard 25MB or 50MB size that many email providers give.

Airdrop now works between iOS and the Mac OS, which is apart of the new feature called continuity by Apple. So for those that wish to continue work on their iPad that they have started on their Mac and vice versa, they will be be able to do so.


Continuity was one of the biggest features added not only to the Mac OS but the iOS platforms. Continuity allows you to do an array of things so long as you have an iPhone and another Apple device to go along with it.

You can now start an email on your iPhone, and  continue it on your Mac. This feature also works with messaging, phone calls, documents, and media. The example they used was by calling Dr. Dre live using his Mac which is connected to his phone. You can even answer text messages and even phone calls on the your iPad or Mac as demoed live. This feature although not new, (Google Voice) goes beyond by allowing you to make calls with your Mac which will soon make services such as Skype and other obsolete. Again this is a warning to Microsoft losing some leverage in yet another field to another competitor.

Continuity in my opinion was the biggest announcement of the conference followed by the announcement of the iOS8


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