With gaming and sports news being slow today, I decided I would do something a little different. So as we all know, there are many trends in the social media world, and many of them consist of tags or acronyms. There is #OOTD or outfit of the day; #TBT or throwback Thursday, and plenty more. But since today is Wednesday I will do one of the most popular ones that is known as WCW or Woman Crush Wednesday, and my Woman Crush Wednesday is Jessica Nigri.

The idea behind #WCW is to pick a woman, or more specifically your crush, post a picture of them and tag them. Since I have the luxury of a website, I decided to write an article about my crush of today. Not sure if this will be a continous thing, but it depends on the reactions that I receive. With that being said, there are plenty of beautiful, smart, and charming women in the world who are all deserving of a #WCW. Besides being beautiful, there are women who are very talented like Meryl Davis and Anna Sidorova who were in the Winter Olympics; some who are gifted like Beyonce, and Gabrielle Union; and some who are just down right gorgeous with great personalities. I am positive Jessica Nigri is a combination of all three, but there is a chance I could just be infatuated. Either way, she is my Woman Crush for today.

Jessica Nigri, who is extremely gorgeous, is a professional cosplay girl.She got her first big break when in 2009 when she dressed up as Pikachu, and has been somewhat of a big icon for cosplay ever since.  For those who don’t know what cosplay is, cosplay is short for costume play, and is essentially dressing up in costume of a specific character from a show or art media. Cosplay could be comparable to modeling, but what makes cosplay a little different is that the model in this case, Jessica Nigri, actually makes her own costumes; that would make her talented. She also is entertaining, which would make her gifted. She is also in anime loving video game playing nerd which would make a beautiful woman with a beautiful personality.

I might be over exaggerating just a little to justify as to why I picked her, but you can’t blame me, Nigri is a stone cold fox! And she really does like anime and plays video games which sort of seals the deal. But no further talking, the pictures of Jessica Nigri are below along with the other potential #WCW  that I had in mind, so knock yourselves out and don’t forget to comment and follow.


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