The Man With The Plan

I have been blessed and fortunate enough to work in fields where I am always at the helm of helping and serving other people. It has always been in my nature to want to accommodate and provide assistance to others. I cannot explain it, but there is something about making others smile; watching others grow and appreciate the effort you gave them. “What can I do for you?” This question is one that helps me socialize, and meet new people on a daily basis, and makes everyday a new challenge and exciting.

Most importantly, it is the connection that can be built. The people that you meet in your life will impact you, whether it be negative or positive, but the ability to create an impression that last a life time is amazing. Exchanging random gifts, or phone calls just to ask how things are going. Building a relationship with almost anyone adds a level of appreciation for the line of work that I do. And although I might not always reach out to others I have once made contact with, you are not forgotten.

So… What Can I Do For You?

I was gifted the chance to work with Mr. Janda, a Chiropractor in the Las Vegas region. And just as he has other peoples “backs” I had his. Now granted there was not much work for me to do, as he and his daughter were well informed and ready to purchase, it was another connection I am grateful to have.


Being a part of this experience is a joy, and I would not want to change it for anything. That day, I sold a Civic, the next day a Pilot. What the future holds is unknown, but I hope that I can be of assistance to you!.

Feel free to contact me regarding, cars, insurance, social media training and management, as well as search engine optimization and growth. I hope I speak to many of you soon!

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