The resolution war may actually be coming to an end as the Ubisoft website has confirmed that neither the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One will be running Watch Dogs in 1080p. Instead, both will have a frame rate of 30fps, which is lower than expected, and the PlayStation 4 will be at 900p while the Xbox One will be 792p. This scenario is very similar to Assassins Creed 4 which started at 900p on the Playstation 4, but received a patch to become native 1080p later on.

This however may be a good time for all gamers alike to question just what exactly is going on with the graphics period. Didn’t these new powerful consoles just release? Why are they struggling to reach the benchmarks that are somewhat supposed to be standard by now which is 1080p with 60fps.

There is a chance that diminishing returns of graphics could be a factor. It could be possible that graphics just won’t seem that much prettier because we are already at our peak of graphics, hence the need for VR headsets. Or my personal belief, that the game developers do not want to jump straight out and deliver the best graphics possible, because if they did, what would they have to offer over the next 6 years. Gradual increases until the end of the consoles seems reasonable as the last generation of gaming seemed to follow that pattern.

With that said, will you still be picking up Watch Dogs? And if you are not, does the graphics affect your decision?

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