After waiting nearly nine months since seeing Titanfall at Microsoft’s press conference at E3, it is nearly time for the proclaimed game of the year to be released upon the hounds. The week long Titanfall beta has spawned multiple video reviews of the game that are on Youtube, Twitch, and other video related sites that are being uploaded nonstop. Microsoft has begun promotion of their new Titanfall bundle retail stores are now accepting pre-orders. Many are getting their gaming PCs ready, and others are buying their Xbox Ones as we speak. All of this sounds like the recipe for an unbelievable launching of a game; but I will let you in on a little secret. Titanfall will fall shamelessly on its face. After being touted and held on a pedestal for the gaming community to look and watch in amazement, it will fall short of expectations and this hysteria will come to a halt. Titanfall won’t be game of the year, and here is why.

Titanfall is not a game changer. With the same developers who made the first Modern Warfare working on this title, it will seem vaguely if not down right similar to the same game we have been getting reiterations of since 2008. Spacesuits and Mechs were fun when Gundam was a popular TV show, now it just seems silly. Mix that with the insanely fast paced Call of Duty shooter franchise and you have Titanfall. Granted there are a few new tricks in this game like the double jump, and parkour like wall running, but it is insulting to say this game brings something new to the table or will kill the competition. I speak for all gamers including myself when I say we have been spoiled, saturated, and addicted to fast past shooting games, and the first Modern Warfare is the culprit. Titanfall does nothing to create something fresh that will be memorable or even iconic for the new generation of consoles. In my eyes, it seems like more Microsoft replacing Call of Duty as the face of the Xbox and replacing it with Titanfall.

Titanfall 2


Now to be fair, Titanfall has all the right all ideas and probably needed more time to blossom and reach its full potential, but with the sales looking they way they are for Microsoft, it can be assumed they are rushing this title to meet the date they had set the year prior. This is still no excuse for trying to “swindle” gamers by forcing them to purchase these “exclusive” games as game of the year material simply because they say it is and want money. Adding insult to that injury, the game is not even running next gen graphics! Now before anyone says graphics don’t mean anything, then what is the point of purchasing a next generation console. I might as well stick to my PS3 and Xbox 360 if graphics don’t mean anything. Heck, I suggest we all return to our Sega Genesis’ and Super Nintendo’s if graphics don’t matter. And I don’t want to sound like a pessimist, I am sure Titanfall will make sales. I am just not sure if it will reach the billion dollar mark like the game it is supposed to be competing against. I am also positive many reviewers will give it a great rating. But by this summer and towards the end of the year when Watch Dogs, Metal Gear Solid, and the reboot of Halo 2 comes out, many will forget this game even existed.

With no single player, DLC passes that will cost you $49.99, and bots being mowed down one by one, Titanfall will an exclusive over hyped shooter, which really should have been just your average multi-platform shooter. Titanfall will be released on March 11, which means there is less than a month to truly review the game for what it is worth.

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