Apple released a new ad today promoting their service Apple Music, and features the pop star Taylor Swift. In the ad, Taylor Swift is shown preparing to work out for much the universally disliked cardio day and needs some music to pump her up. She uses Apple Music to browse songs for running and ends up finding #GymFlow as a popular hashtag. Taylor then selects to listen to ‘Jumpman’ by Drake and Future, and proceeds to start running. And then what happens is something that will ultimately become viral.

Taylor swift starts to rap the iconic ‘Jumpman’ verse by fellow Apple Music artist Drake, and in a cringe worthy, but absolutely hilarious scene falls after becoming to hyped and “hit the Ginobili with [her} left hand up like woo!” And even after falling, she still manages to “find her tempo” and continues her rapping. Taylor posted on twitter earlier today to promote the ad by stating that the ad was “based on true events”

In the end, Apple uses the phrase “Distractingly Good” and also lets viewers know they can get 3 months free to try Apple Music. The marketers behind this video surely have created a gem as this ad will be featured in plenty of memes and will definitely be used as a parody for many comedy acts. The video will surely get a laugh out of many of us, and is actually Super Bowl ad worthy.
You can watch the video below, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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