All this fake patriotism I see is making my blood boil.

All this could have been avoided if;
1. Colin Kaepernick got another job as QB.
2. Racist cops go to jail when they kill “innocent” black men and women.
3. If Trump was never elected, and the KKK or “fine people” weren’t given the opportunity to march and spew hatred in public.

I hear talk about respecting our veterans? I don’t see half of the people “acting” disgusted, raising money, donating, or aiding our veterans, I should know, I worked with the V.A for a stint.

Why is it so hard, to admit we have a broken system, and elect change so we can have equality and fairness for all?

And if you really want to talk about respecting veterans. Lets talk about the hundreds if not thousands of Black veterans that were, assaulted, beat, and even lynched as late as the end World War 2 after returning from duty. Lets also talk about how the Vietnam war saw our “respected” veterans spit on and abused after retuning. Cut the crap and get with it.
Whether we marched, sat on a bus, prayed in a church, held a peaceful rally, or took a knee, it is not acceptable. Someone could “peacefully” protest by sitting under a tree and there would be an outrage.

Seeing some of the words coming out of peoples mouth that I grew up with, went to school with, and respected, is simply unbelievable. But I will end this here.


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