The game is officially over and the Seahawks win the game 43-8. The Bronco’s sideline is filled with distressed faces; faces of shame, hurt, and disbelief. On the opposite end, the Seahawks players are already celebrating. The game was a blowout from the first quarter, and the Seahawks never looked back since they took the lead with 14:58 left to go in the first quarter, on a Bronco’s safety.

The Seahawks were just better across the board. More intense, better defense, better offense, better communication, and every other dimension of the game you can imagine. Now the big question is where does Peyton Manning stand in terms of success and legacy. The defeat and the manner in which it was received has changed the view of many who expected Manning to win his second Super Bowl, and leave many wondering if he is indeed a choke artist. But not to take the spotlight from the Seahawks, and the entire organization. Congratulations on the first Seawhawk Super Bowl Championships. And if there is one this this Super Bowl proves is that defense can indeed win a Super Bowl Championship.

The SeahawkSeahawks cap off another drive with Doug Baldwin receiving a slant route to run up the score on the lifeless Broncos defense. 43-8 Seahawks lead.

Broncos Score! Peyton Manning throws his first TD to Thomas after a earned drive to end the third quarter. They cap off the drive by adding on two more points on a slant route to Welker. Score is now 36-8, Seahawks Lead.

Russel Wilson throws his first TD to Kearse, who broke three tackles and fought his way in. The score is now 36-0. A complete blowout.

Thomas fumbles the ball after trying to stiff arm and break free for a big play. Still scoreless with a little more than 20 minutes left to play.

The Bronco’s force their first three and out to the Seahawks after some slick play calling. The punt did not lead to any major plays, but this may be the effort and turning point for Peyton Manning and his offense.

The Bronco’s were once again forced to punt the ball after another drive that ended up short of the 50 yard line. The Broncos still have not scored going well into the second half now.

The Seahawks start out the second half with a Percy Harvin Kick Return. The half didn’t seem to help as Harvin evaded and simply ran past nearly 7 Bronco players. The score is now 29-0.

Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers put on amazing Half-Time Show. Bruno Mars showed off his drumming skills, Red Hot Chili Peppers performed their famous hit “Give It Away”, and active duty members dedicated Bruno Mars’ song “Just The Way You Are” to loved ones. His performance was definitely one to remember.

Peyton Manning can’t convert on 4th down after a semi-decent drive. This  now leaves the Broncos scoreless for the first half.. The first shut out since Super Bowl XXXV, where the Giants trailed the Ravens 10-0. In this case, the Broncos Trail 22-0

The defensive effort by the Seatttle Seahawks seems to much for the Denver Broncos as Peyton Manning has yet to score. A near fumble by Holliday almost left the Broncos scoreless with almost 3 minutes left in the first half.

Pick Six! An interception by the impressive defensive effort led to an easy touchdown. The Seahawks are showing just how aggressive, impenetrable, and fast their defense really is. The number one defense in the regular and post season, is completely shutting down the number one offense.

Marshawn Lynch runs in for a 1 years touchdown with the drive started by an interception by Chancellor. Peyton Manning is obviously frustrated and the Seahawks defense is like a brick wall, not allowing any sort of movement of the chains.

The Seahawks with a series of third down conversions are now within the red zone yet again. A touchdown seems all but imminent as the Broncos defense has not made any major stops. The Seahawks settle for a field goal after a great stop by the Linebacker Irving to stop the touch down.

The Broncos are forced to punt after a short 3 and out. The defensive effort is too much for the Broncos as Moreno and Manning can’t seem to get into any sort of rhythm.

An amazing drive by the Seahawks almost allowed Russel Wilson to earn a first down from a scramble that would have given the Seahawks to an early 9-0 lead. However they settle for a field goal, they now lead 5-0.

First play of the game, the Broncos give up a safety for an easy 2-0 lead. Miscommunication between the Ramirez and Manning lead to this error. Peyton Manning does not look to pleased.

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