What happens when the man sworn to serve and protect is dirty? Well that man Vincent, played by Jamie Fox answers that question in the latest blockbuster film, Sleepless. In another cliche bad cop plot, we come to learn that not everything is what it seems. But that doesn’t mean we can’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a bad cop by his looks.

Sleepless is the remake of the French-Belgian-Luxembourgian thriller film, Sleepless Night. The story involves 2 dirty cops who stole an insane amount of drugs in an ambush. We soon learn those drugs belong to one of the most ruthless drug lords in the city. Annoyed and pissed off, an associate of said drug lord kidnaps the cops son and demands his drugs back. But when the exchange goes bad, someone must pay.

Now with a plot that simple and all of the action taking place in one day, one might think it can not be that interesting, but that’s where one would be wrong.

Why So Serious?

Now I will give credit where credit is due. They attempted to remake a movie that was actually very interesting, but they really struggled to do so. In the original, the acting felt real, and the production matched it as well. I can not tell if it was the low res shot in 50 FPS PAL that gave it such a gritty look. Maybe it was being forced to read the translation, Either way, Sleepless compared to the remake, does not have the same glamour. The pacing was off, way too much action, and there were key scenes missing that really made the original a classic.

Are We There Yet?

There were plenty of A-List celebrities in this movie such as Jamie Fox, T.I, and Gabrielle Union. But even this cast was not strong enough to save this film. One problem is that the directing in Sleepless played it too safe. We have seen and heard all of this stories before, why not take a different approach. Leaving the audience with a cliff hanger and a clear set up for a sequel is too predictable. Now I will admit I am slightly entertained to find out who else is involved in one of the biggest drug trades in Las Vegas, but I am sure it will be more of the same. Angry people yelling, who start shooting, and the good guy saves the day.

Again, I know the film was playing it safe, but in one particular scene [spoiler alert] where Vincent’s wife, Gabrielle Union, shoots and kills a the body guard with no hesitation seems a little much. Maybe she has a background in that sort of thing.  Maybe Vincent taught her how to defend herself. Maybe she is just a loving mom looking to protect her son, but the hero complex was way too strong in this film.

Sorry, I’m Not Sorry.

In the end, this movie is watchable. If you like action films and enjoy the occasional night out, this movie will do it for you. However, if this is the best 2017 will have to offer us however, we will all be disappointed. Sleepless deserves 5 kilos out of 10. My advice, do not expect anything, and you will not be disappointed.

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