Most if not all shooting games have problems with lots of gamers choosing to participate and use mods in order to have advantages over other players. The weirdest aspect of this is that they gain some sort of self gratification from being better than other people because they were cheating. Respawn however has given their solution this problem, one I always said that Activision should do with the Call of Duty series. Respawn has made it so that anyone caught cheating, will be notified that they arecheating, and will be forced to play in lobbies with other cheaters. You can read more about it on the official site.

Titanfall cheaters



“Q.) So what happens if I get banned?
A.) Great news: you get to keep playing Titanfall! Less-great news: you only get to play with other cheaters. You can play with other banned players in something that will resemble the Wimbledon of aimbot contests. Hopefully the aimbot cheat you paid for really is the best, or these all-cheater matches could be frustrating for you. Good luck.

Q.) If I’m banned, what happens if I make a party with my non-cheater friends?
A.) When anyone in your party is banned, then everyone in your party will be treated as banned for that play session. If you are a non-cheater and you invite a cheater friend into a party, you will be stuck playing against cheaters. If you stop inviting your cheater friend, you will once again get to play with the non-cheater population. You do not get permanently tainted just by playing with a cheater – you are only banned for cheating if you are actually cheating.”

I hope that this is the first step to many online games taking this action against cheaters, I personally love it. Comment below and let us know how you feel.

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