The new PlayStation 4 2.0 update is live and available for download if you have not yet already downloaded it. The 2.0 update comes packed with a great deal of new features, including Share Play, which is considered to be the most important feature in the bunch. Share Play gives a user the option to stream their game and let a friend either take over their controller, or play with co-op on every single PS4 game.

The new update is fairly large, but if your console was or is on standby mode, it will download while the console is off, thus allowing you to jump straight into the action. The major changes brought by the 2.0 update are listed below.

  • Players in a party can now use Share Play
  • Video clips can now be uploaded to YouTube
  • you can now set themes for home screens and function screen for each user. Select theme [Settings] > [Themes]
  • You can now play music on USB storage devices. Connect a usb storage device containing music files. [MP3 or AAC] to the PS4™ system, and then select [USB MUSIC PLAYER] from the content area.
  • There are also minor changes and new features in the gallery below*

There has not been any known bugs with the new update or major errors that will brick your console, so I recommend downloading and installing as soon as possible. And if you want to play online, you will have to!

Comment below and share your thoughts on the new update. Leave your first impression and idea for future updates.



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