The new PlayStation 4 update will be available on April 30th for all PlayStation owners and will be jam packed with plenty of new features.

One of the most talked about features is the ShareFactory were users can edit their videos, add their own song of choice, and upload it to facebook directly, or export it to a usb device for further editing. This feature will increase the already great number of sharing and will allow for some new creative videos which should be very entertaining.

Also, the update will allow users to turn off the HDCP and allow users to capture their gameplay on capture cards without any additional accessories.

Lastly, pre-loading will be available so that anyone who decides to pre-order digital content. Pre-ordering a game such as Watch Dogs will now be download before the game releases, and at midnight of the release, will be playable! This is a huge incentive for many to try the digital version compared to before were users would have to wait the day of to download the content.

Lastly rumored is the MP3 playback that has been missing since launch, No confirmation has been giving in regards to this feature.

Comment below and share what you believe the PlayStation 4 needs in the next update.

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