Over the last 14 hours, PlayStation users have been reporting issues when it comes to select PlayStation network services. The party chat, one of the newest and most popular feature and service has been giving users a series of error codes when attempting to join or create a party. One of the error codes that many users are seeing is the “E-82204301” code.

This is the first time the PSN servers since its launch have went down without there being maintenance scheduled or some sort of warning in advance from Sony. It is assumed that Sony is working very hard to fix this issue as the problem seems to be widespread through out the US and the UK.

Also, invites to friends have apparently cease to work, meaning players can not invited friends to play games. This along with the connection for multiplayer games being somewhat unreliable at the moment is making some users very unhappy.

Here are some tweets on this issue.

PS4 error

Source: ryaninfamous


PS4 error 2

Source: ryaninfamous

No answer has been given as to why the problems have started. It is also important to know that the chat error is not affecting PlayStation Vita users, and only the PlayStation 4 network seems to be affected. 

If you have any issues with the PSN servers, comment below.

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