A recent report from Famitsu, they stated that the PlayStation 4 has sold 322,083 in its first two days of being released in domestic Japan. This breaks the previous sales mark of 88,443 that the PlayStation 3 was able to accomplish in the same time period. All of this makes great news for Sony as they are making great progress and are dominating the competition.


It seems strange and might even leave some Japanese natives feeling insulted after having to wait more than 3 months to buy the console after the rest of the world already had their consoles. However it was simple strategy by Sony to maximize sales. Sony executives are certain that their PlayStation 4 will outsell the competition in Japan and because of that sold in other regions first to get a head start. Now that the console is released in Japan you can expect the gap between Sony and its competitors to grow. Even with all this great news, Sony still is working hard to get consoles in the hands of consumers that want the PlayStation 4 as shortages are still prevalent throughout many regions.

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