Early Morning Terror In Japan

Multiple government agencies around the world are confirming that North Korea fired a missile over Japan. The citizens of Japan were awoken by blaring alarms and a warning of possible danger. The Prime Minister of Japan is continuing to warn the citizens of threats  that may come from the rogue nation.

Many sources are indicating that the missile was not a threat to America. The missile was launched around 5:58 A.M local time, landed at 6:29 A.M local time, after breaking into three pieces.

This aggressive behavior follows a series of incidents coming from North Korea. Throughout the year, North Korea has shown multiple demonstrations of nuclear capabilities. There was also a grand parade in the nation after they had successfully fired an intercontinental missile capable of hitting Hawaii or Los Angeles.

The Prime Minister of Japan is asking the United Nations to apply more pressure. There is fear that the act will not be an isolated one. The Japanese council expect this behavior to continue in the future.

War Looms Ahead

United States has made numerous attempts to slow down the advancement of North Korea’s nuclear technology. Progress has been slow due to disagreements between America and China on how to deal with North Korea. The North Korea Peninsula has been an area of major activity. Multiple drills between America and South Korea have been conducted. Drills from the north were also conducted, aerial and sea based. North Korean leaders believe that the recent action form America justifies their behavior.

With no peaceful resolution made, one can only wonder what the future will hold. It is no longer becoming a matter of if there is war, but when there will be war.

The China has not yet had a comment on the matter. China is also a long time ally of the nation, and are suspected of aiding the nation financially to achieve its nuclear goal. This assessment is on going, and there will be more information soon.


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