Word on the street is that all these new rappers are trash! As far as I can remember, there has always been this ongoing trend of calling future rappers garbage. I don’t know if it is because of the culture, but it really is sad. Now to be fair, this new class of rappers are slightly different then the past. And I would like to thank Soulja Boy, Lil B, and Drake for leading the way. The new flow has been heavily recycled, and somehow we ended up with more harmonizing in these new songs, but is it really a bad thing? Some call it mumble rap, others don’t even know what to call it!

Now I am coming off my high after listening to Lil B’s new mixtape, Black Ken, and found myself wanteing to hear something entirely new. Youtube thought it would be fun to recommend me to some guy name XXXTentacion. At first glance, he looks like a rapper gone emo. I wasn’t sure I could take him seriously. And after hearing his songs “Look At Me” and “OK Shorty” I was ready to count him out. I thought he was going to be another rapper using beats and catchy adlibs to be relevant. That was until one song in particulat caught my attention. “I Spoke To The Devil In Miami, He Said, Everything Would Be Fine”.

That is a really long name for a title, and if it was meant to get attention, it definitely worked. The song starts off with a mellow dramatic piano. And I waited for a beat to drop, but instead was caught nodding to a something I didn’t think was possible from a “trash” rapper. The lyrics are controversial, but the delivery made this song a classic in my opinion. I have this song on repeat for about an hour and cannot anymore impressed than I was.

But, I am a skeptic and I begin searching for more of his work. XXXTentacion, or X, is either a genius or a one hit wonder and I need to find out which he will be. I find one titled “Slipknot” which also the name of a band I love, so I take a listen.

I can’t believe it, this kid actually has bars! 90’s flow and didn’t use autotune, not even once! The feature artist, is not the best, and I hardly remember his name, but what a song! 3 however is the lucky number, and unless he has a third, I am not sold. I scroll down and “Find Me” is the first song recommended. “WHO IS THIS KID, AND WHY IS HE NOT PROMOTING THIS STUFF”?!

But it is simple, these new rappers need gimmicks to get big. There is no way to stand out with all of the noise in social media. You have to be ridiculous to get attention. But XXXTentacion earned my respect. I am posing his songs here for you all to listen, so please do. Let me know what you feel about these songs in the comments below.


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