NBA 2K Is Back

With NBA 2K18 right around the corner, many have been waiting for gameplay footage. Unlike the past, there has been plenty of secrecy around this game. This is completely opposite of what we have come to expect. After the release of the NBA Live 18 demo, many wondered when 2K would release gameplay. They still have not announced any news, so one gamer decided to take it upon himself share it with the masses.

FAxCardiae, or Cardi Luciano, is a well known gaming personality for the 2K community. He and other popular 2K streamers are invited every year to go to the 2K studios. This is where they give feedback to help the creation of the game. Usually, they are asked to sign “Non-Disclosure Agreements” which help prevent leaks of the game. And either FAxCardiae never signed one, or doesn’t care. At this point it does not matter, because we have gameplay footage!


More Of The Same

The video is captured on a cellphone, but at 720p 60fps, you can still get a good look at the game. One of the first things you notice are the players and court. They players look slim and fluid, while the courts like very authentic. The graphics are very good, and they should since the footage is being played on a PS4 Pro with a 4K tv. Everything (except for the crowd) is rich with detail and looks very vibrant.
However, once you watch the gameplay a little longer, more of the same starts to show. 2K has improved the passing, and added some newer animations, but gameplay still looks stale. For one, the inconsistent dribbling, and dribbling off of other players remains. The suction of defenders to the ball handlers is still present. The sliding of feet and layup animations also remain in the leaked gameplay as well. In other words, this is a polished 2K17. Now most will say “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.” Or, “It is still better than NBA live.” My favorite is “How can they make it any better?”
I belive 2K has the potential to be a much better game. 2K has just been very focused on the park my career. Taking away focus from the part of the game that really matters, the gameplay. Now as much as I love 2K, the fact that they are not improving gameplay bugs me. It really bugs me knowing that NBA Live 18 actually will be a competitor this year. And at the pace EA is going, may actually pass 2K as the best basketball game.
I hope more footage is released soon, and not just leaked footage. Actually gameplay capture will give us an uninterrupted look at the game to make a final decision. Until then, this 2K leak is a disappoint to me.
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