Unless you have been living under a rock, it is safe to assume you have heard about the rap feud between two of the front runners of rap. Meek Mills and Drake are now at war it seems after a recent comment by Meek Mills in regards to Drake. The statement? That Drake apparently does not write his own lyrics. Whether or not it is true, the timing from Meek seems so unusually seeing as how Drake was on his most recent album. But none of that matters you see. Drake already made it clear he was upset by the attack by Meek by writing two diss tracks against Meek Mills, one titled “Charged Up”, the other “Back to Back”.

Drake also made it clear in his diss tracks that he wrote those lyrics by getting very personal, and releasing 2 diss tracks back to back, pun intended. However I see a huge problem with this so called feud by these two. What is the purpose of this bout? At first glance, I almost want to say that it is to help album sales. But surely that can’t be the reason. They could have easily promoted their albums by simply giving a shout out, so what is it?

Whatever the reasoning is, it’s pointless and further shows that the rap community has a long way to go to improve itself. Drake and Meek have already been seen hanging out, rapping on songs together. They should be somewhat closer because of Nicki Minsk acting as a mutual friend. But no, they would prefer to create a totally unnecessary event to boost their egos. The fans are no better by egging on this whole fiasco, (including myself). Who cares what was said, and who has the better diss track. (Meek Mill currently does not have one released, and the one he did release was garbage.) It truly is sad how we are here perpetuating more self hate and ignorance for entertainment. Rap can and has to be better if rappers really do want to be taken seriously. Drake however did release a nice new R&B song called Hotline Bling, which is absolute fire.

Anyways, comment your thoughts below, and share your opinion.

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