The Most Anticipated Fight In Boxing History

Mayweather vs. McGregor is now here. Fans around the world are preparing themselves for the most anticipated fight in boxing history. The Las Vegas streets are packed, casinos and sportsbooks are handing record breaking bets, and experts are anticipating PPV numbers to pass 5 Million. This fight will the biggest, but will it live up to the expectation? My answer is no, and here is why.

Mayweather, the undisputed champion; the best pound for pound fighter; will be taking on McGregor, currently UFC’s best fighter and champion. But let’s let this sink in. A man who has boxing since the dawn of 12 years old,  a man who perfected the sport, and the art of hitting and not being hit, will be boxing McGregor. This is a man who couldn’t dodge a bullet from a nerf gun, but is expected to last 12 rounds or 36 minutes with the greatest of all time. So let’s call this fight for what it is, and it is a cash grab.

Anything is possible, but McGregor beating Mayweather is not very likely. The only reason that this fight even is even being recognized is because the haters of Mayweather, who can’t accept his greatness, are wishing for him to lose. They are praying for a miracle, wishing that McGregor lands a punch that knocks out Mayweather out. Which is the only way he will best Mayweather, because I do not expect him to win a round.

What to expect?

Well in typical Mayweather fashion, he has made a career of dinking and dunking, tagging his opponents with stinging jabs while making them look foolish as they miss just about everything they throw. However, Mayweather himself has said this is the fight he will be on the offensive. There will be more action after many were disappointed from the snoozefest of Mayweather vs Pacquiao, where he slaughtered the Pacquiao in 12 round punishment.

Expect to see more jabs, more middle of the ring action from the champion. Mayweather will still display his ability to dodge and punish McGregor with his infamous counter punches, but he will be more aggressive. McGregor on the other hand will chase Mayweather down. Having the height and reach advantage, he will attempt to hawk down and land power punches on the Mayweather.

This will lead to the action the fans around the world crave, but will not lead to the results that the majority of fans want to see, which is a Mayweather defeat. Without a lucky punch from McGregor to KO Mayweather, Mayweather will win this in a 12 round domination, or a late round knockout. Mayweather is my choice and it isn’t even close.

With only 10 more hours until the start of the fight, there is plenty of time to speculate and discuss the outcome. I will be posting updates as the fight goes on, so check back when the first round bell rings.


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