LeBron James must really want that 5th MVP! Playing with a mask due to his broken nose, LeBron James scores a career high 61 points against the Bobcats at home in an outstanding performance. At half time, LeBron James had 26 points, by the end of the third, he had 49 points, and by the end of the game with some amazing shooting had 61. All of this to go along with 7 rebounds, 5 assists, and 8-10 from the three point line.

The crowd chanted his name and his teammates cheered him on as he was nearing his previous record and encouraged him to break it. All of the critics should haven thing to say because tonight, LeBron James was doing it all. Shooting, shooting, dunking, and more shooting. The Bobcats at the other hand played a great game but were no match for “King James” At half time the Bobcats were down 6 and were shooting over 50%. Al Jefferson was leading their efforts with 26 points, and finished with 38 points, 19 rebounds, and 1 assist, an outstanding performance for the big man.

None of that mattered however, LeBron James was in the zone and simply put on a show tonight. His performance was so spectacular it might even make you forget that Carmelo Anthony had just scored 62 points against the Bobcats and broke the all time single game record for the Knicks less than 2 months ago.

History in the making. Even with his injury, LeBron James is showing the League and the Hall of Famers why he is the “King”

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