Its almost that time, The King of Fighters XIV is almost here with 9 teaser trailers, and 4 new characters including our old time favorites like K, Angel and Kyo. The developers and publishers of SNKPlaymore has returned. SNKPlaymore fan base has always wonder what has happened to them and yet here they come in with a sneak attack to all of us gaming heads.

For the last couple weeks, teaser after teaser has been released on to YouTube getting all the hype and rage built from the public. There have been new characters like Sylvie, who I am guessing is a new project that NEST has created, and for those that have really played the KoF series, never really got an idea of what actually happen to “NEST”. What ever really happened to NEST? Where they destroyed? Did they disband? Was K’ and Kula the last official projects they completed? Seems like The King of Fighters XIV is going to have many questions being answered and hopefully we get the true successor, and the one true body that can control “the Orochi” without being denied at some point. Its amazing that it had to take them about 5-6 years of not releasing any KoF games or side stories just to get a good story that didn’t resemble the failed Maximum Impact series.

KoF features 3D type base graphics, but on the 2D playing field, something that all fighting games now days like Street Fighter, even Mortal Kombat are doing. KoF is upgrading from there usual game-play to Unreal Engine 4, even though The King of Fighters XIV haven’t really released what engine they are using now, its pretty obvious that they too are using the Unreal Engine 4. Although there was a leaked photo that showed the potential teams that “would” be in the game, it is now known that only 26 characters will be available at the release date which was announced 4 days ago. There will however be a total of 50 characters that will be in the game, leaving 24 characters that are yet to be announced. The hype is getting REAL!
In the mean time, lets go ahead and play KoF XIII before the new excitement in The King of Fighters XIV that will come out sometime this year, and lets all hope that it comes by the summer. Well KoF fans, get ready for the new showdown of classical fighters clashing at each other once again. Street Fighter had its shine, Mortal Kombat took its place, Tekken is still in the running, lets see if The King of Fighters XIV will be the Final Count Down!

If you are interested in watching me going on my King of Fighters XIII run, and playing with the Failed Project of Flames K’ then go to my YouTube link right here.

kof14-dec-screenshot3 the king of fighters xivkofxiv-sylvieangel-750 the king of fighters xivkofxiv-kiori the king of fighters xiv

Till then here is XIII. “Burn to Fight”

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