A recent report by Crave Online, they have evidence that has shown that multiplayer on PlayStation 4 exclusive Killzone Shadow Fall, is not running at full 108p, but instead 960×1080. This is shocking information because Sony and Guerilla Games had both previously stated that Killzone was running native 1080p. This news however only affects multiplayer, where as the single player and campaign mode are both running full 1080p.

The reasoning behind this is thought to be the frame rates. In the single player modes, the game is locked at 30fps and is running full 1080p, however on multiplayer it averages around 50fps. It is assumed that the multiplayer mode had to sacrifice resolution in order to provide a smoother gameplay by keeping the frame rates per second as high as possible.

This situation now questions Sony’s integrity for the future when it comes to exclusives, and some will have to debate if PlayStation 4 is as strong as Sony is proclaiming it to be. However, the reaction from many others will be puzzled and confused faces telling themselves “it looks like 1080p”

Killzone Shadow Fall is a great looking game, specifically the single player. It was seen that the multiplayer was not as crisp and sharp as the single player, but to what extent we didn’t know, until now that is. And even with this news, Killzone Shadow Fall is still a one of the best on the market.

This news shouldn’t change much because Killzone is a launch game and is not likely to be using the the PlayStation 4 to its fullest capabilities. If anything, it should be looked at with optimism because if the games are not full 1080p, how much better will they look when they are 1080p?

Sony nor Guerilla Games have commented yet on Digital Foundry’s findings. We will have to wait for a response to see exactly why they decided to make Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer the resolution that it is.

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