Kevin Durant Joins The Warriors

With the season under way, the Warriors are doing what most have expected them to do. Be a high scoring, flashy and highly entertaining group. But there is still a since of uncertainty when the topic of their success is mentioned.

As of right they are the best team in the league with a recod of 25-4, but there has been controversy. One being that if the Warriors continue at this pace, they will not reach 73 wins, and would end up with a 68-14 season. Now this is still an incredible feat and not far off where they were before, but with Kevin Durant joining, the team is expected to be better, not worst. Also, there is the fact that Klay has been very streaky this year, and not in a good way. Klay did have a 60 point game, but this is after only average 17 points a game on 38% shooting. It also came after rumors of Klay being traded to the Celtics, and Thompson making it clear he was not going to take a back seat to Durant. Lastly, there has even been talks of the Warriors being Kevin Durant’s team! This not even a full year after Stephen Curry was the first player in NBA history to win a Unanimous MVP!


Was It The Right Move?


Kevin Durant agreed to a two year $54 million dollar deal with the Golden State Warriors and if he stays for the entire duration of the contract, will play the likes of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andre Igoudala. This unprecedented move has shaken up the balance of power in the NBA and has without a doubt guaranteed another playoff run for the Warriors. But with the decision being final, there are now many questions that need to be answered. How does this decision impact Kevin Durant’s career? What will become of the Thunder and Russell Westbrook? And what can we expect from the other teams in the league, specifically the Cavaliers who will most likely be meeting the Warriors for a third year straight in the Finals.

My personal opinion is that this move weakens Durant’s legacy. He is still a human and a grown man who is capable of making his own decision, but the decision he chose was not the best one. There are too many negatives to his decision, and not a lot of positives.

  1. If Durant is to win a championship this year, many will not respect it. Durant joined the best team in NBA history and with the new CBA took a pay cut to do so.
  2. He left the Thunder on bad terms and continues to bash this. This being after he said he loves playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder and does not think about playing anywhere else.
  3. Many teams were in the hunt for him, including the Knicks, which if he has went, could have played with Derrick Rose, Carmerlo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingus, and Dwight Howard.
  4. He joined a team who came back to beat him after being down 3-1
  5. He bashed LeBron James for joining the Miami Heat and winning.
  6. If the Warriors lose, he will have no other excuse for not winning.
  1. If Durant wins a championship, he will be a champion in the history books, and no one can change that.
  2. Winning with the Warrios would mean that Westbrook could have been the problem all along.
  3. The team’s management is at fault for letting go of all their valuable assets such as James Harden and Serge Ibaka while keeping guys like Kendrick Perkins and Nick Collison.

He Will Have To Prove Us Right (Or Wrong)


Kevin Durant has all the weight on his shoulders. And winning or losing with the Warriors has consequences and penalties either way. And as a fan and a critic, the only way out of this situation is for Kevin Durant to win and win big. I mean, he will need to win the Season MVP or be the Scoring Leader of the league. He will need to show up big in the All-Stars game. And he will definitely need to win a championship this season. Not next season but this season. And to put icing on the cake, Kevin Durant must win the Finals MVP.

If Kevin Durant does this, he will have silenced the haters and the critics. There will be no disputer that he is the player we expected him to be. Anything less will tarnish his legacy forever.

I know Warrior fans are happy now, but like the legend Kobe Bryant said, “Losing in the playoffs, is like not making the playoffs at all.” If you aren’t first, you are last.

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