It’s been awhile since I have played Call of Duty. I will be the first to admit that I was not the biggest fan of the latest installment. I will also admit I was not sure if the competition had changed, or if I would have lost my touch. But Reggie Miller said it best, “once a shooter, always a shooter.” And he may have been talking about basketball, but the same is true when playing any Call of Duty game.

In my latest stint in Call of Duty, I got back to my usual ways using the Synaptic Rig. I always loved the Equalizer ability because of my play style which is to run and gun. I am not sure if there were any updates changing the game mechanics, but all the guns I used felt tight, and recoil was very minimal. The gameplay was much smoother than when the game first released, and there was no lag. This allowed me to wreck havoc.

Now I only won 2 out of 5 games, but that did not take away from my personal effort. I had a 2.51 K/D ratio, racking up 128 kills, and 50 deaths. I definitely had a lot of fun playing the Infinite Warfare title earlier this morning. So much fun, I will be uploading footage more frequently.

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