It’s about that time of year y’all. We only have less than 1 month until the newest installment release. So everyonem lets get ready. I am blessing you guys with some awesome gameplay, and you will love it.


The first thing to notice is the new gameplay is dribbling. Dribbling in this FIFA feels so much better, honestly. The mechanics feel and look much more life like. Players are no longer running in predictable ways, and weight plays a factor. The days of sprinting with an 86+ speed winger are done for.

Another beautiful aspect are the signature moves. Every player runs and moves like as they do in real life. Robben uses his eccentric run style. Ronaldo’s dribbling skills are very accurate. Not to mention Lewandoski’s shooting positioning and setup. No detail has been spared in this FIFA.

The graphics are also top notch this year. The newest Frosbite engine is making everyone look incredible. The sweat and the facial expressions are the best they have ever been. This FIFA is definitely one to download and try. If you have not already done it, download the demo from the game store.

Share your comments and thoughts down below. And I will see you all on the pitch

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