This year has been a very bizarre year when speaking about the elections. There have been scandals, other scandals, investigations, and much more. But life must go on, and that left Americans to decide between 2 candidates. One being Donald Trump, and the other being Hillary Clinton. And although there might have been 2 more candidates, none had a chance to win. Ultimately,  after a long and anxious election, Donald Trump was victorious and is now the new President of America.

So where does this leave us, or the United States? How did a billionaire with no political experience win? What will become of the United States? What will change? Why did Donald Trump even run for presidency? There are so many questions, and not nearly enough answers. And what may be a day of joy for others, is actually a day of doubt for rest, including people like myself. So how do I feel about this election?


I believe Americans as a whole want change for our country. I also believe Americans will never agree on how to change America for the good. But the conclusion of this election has shown me many things about my homeland, and most of which I am not proud of. I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that Donald Trump won, and for good reasons. I don’t know his policies, I don’t know what his long time goals are for the country. This is a man who openly admitted to federal offense of not paying taxes. He has ridiculed minorities, incited a divide within our nation, and caused grief for our allies. And let us not forget, that the Republicans now have complete control of the United States, Via the President, House, and the Senate. And the last 2 times this event occurred (1929, 2002) there were economic depressions that followed. This can become reality based on Trump’s flawed economic ideas.

Election Map


But that is not the part that is most concerning. The scariest part is that 50 million Americans still found it acceptable to vote for him. 50 million Americans support the racism, the disrespect, the out right lies from a man that is expected to hold the highest position in the world. It is truly mind blowing. But then it hit me as I looked at the election map. It stunned me how different I must be from other Americans. Not only because of the color of my skin, but where I was raised. Living in California for nearly 23 years of my life, I was in a bubble. A bubble filled with culture, acceptance, tolerance, and diversity. I have not experienced with others from Idaho experienced. Or Alabama, or Arkansas, or Kentucky, or Iowa, or Georgia, South Dakota, Wyoming, and all the other red states. And surely they can never know what life is like in California. Now I am not saying California is the best state, but I will let the facts speak for themselves. California is the richest state in the Union, as well as the most populous state. California is always the state with the most millionaires, and in my personal opinion, the most coveted state in the Union.


I can say I am honestly afraid, but hopeful for the future. It is only fair I give Donald Trump a fair chance as President of the United States. I will just have to wait until January 20, 2017 to see how it all begins.

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