Romo Is No Longer A Cowboy

It seems Tony Romo’s time with Dallas has come to an end.

Sources close to the Cowboys organization have made it known that the Cowboys will release Tony Romo this Thursday, March 9th. The reason the Cowboys made the decision to release Tony Romo this Thursday is due to many different factors. One factor is that this Thursday is the first day of the new NFL season. The decision to release Romo also materialized because there were no trade offers for the quarterback. This is after Romo was sidelined after undergoing surgery. And the last factor leading to this decision is that the Cowboys now have a new quarterback. Dak Prescott, the replacement has a very promising future in the NFL.

Tony Romo was benched after suffering another injury which opened the door for Dak Prescott to  lead the Cowboys. Dak did so by having one of the best seasons for a rookie quarterback and finished the season with a passer rating of 104.9.

Tony Romo is expected to be picked up by other teams who are in the running for a Superbowl and need a quarterback. This includes the Denver Broncos and the Houston Texans, who both missed the playoff last year. It is importsnt to note thst Tony Romo had a stellar career with the Cowboys, minus his injuries. He logged over 34,00 yards, threw 248 touchdowns, and had an average passer rating of 97.1

More information will be added on Thursday pending the decision to release Tony Romo.

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