What was the perfect opportunity to create a foundation for future DC films, and to compete with the Marvel world, Batman v Superman ultimately fails and will be another bad DC film for the books. Batman V Superman had potential, and just like the heroes in the movie, it had good intentions, however it made too many mistakes, or one mistake too many. But hope is not lost for the DC world, or Ben Affleck who deserves his “Own” batman movie.

Face Off

The movie itself had too many plot holes. There was too much going on, with too little time. The movie, which was actually a collection of scenes thrown together, did not create enough of a story to make it interesting. Every other scene was someone yelling as to why they should not trust Superman, or why Batman could be a villain. Even worse, the movie could not properly merge the two heroes stories together which meant the movie had no direction. Who was supposed to be the main protagonist? Why did Batman decide Superman was not as good as he said he was? Why was our villain so insane? All these questions had me wondering who was I even supposed to be rooting for? ( I did pick batman because I am a Batman fanatic.)

The movie was was chaotic mess with gorgeous visual effects, (but I must admit, the visual effects were pretty jaw dropping.) So what went wrong? Where did this move fail?


In my opinion, I believe this movie was an attempt to catch up with the Marvel world who is having plenty of success with all of their Marvel hero movies. Seeing how most of the Marvel movies have already reached their sequels, this movie was made to give a brief intro to the Justice League, which did not go as planned. The reality is this movie needed to be split into two parts, or Superman and Batman should have had their own movies before releasing this film. This would have given ample time to give a better setting for the film and to learn more about our heroes.


Another note is that this film is directed by Zack Snyder, who also directed Man of Steel. Because of that, this movie has the same feel and depending on whether or not you liked Man of Steel, you will most likely have the same feeling towards this movie, and I myself was not a fan of Man of Steel. Something about the overly cliche damsel in distress, hero, and villain acting is also sort of a turn off in this day and age.


The one positive I can point out in this movie is that Ben Affleck kicks ass as Batman. His version was a weary and fed up vigilante who was tired of sparing criminals, and I loved it! I can’t compare to Christian Bale’s Batman, simply because Affleck has not had a chance to create his own film, but if it is anything like the Batman only scenes in this movie, I believe he will do a fine job, and I believe he deserve a chance to make another hero film so that his name won’t forever be tarnished by Daredevil and now Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Batman movie?

Batman movie?

But outside of Affleck’s performance, this movie was a hot mess. I do hope that they give the DC world another Batman and Superman film before creating the Justice League, because if they do not, I fear Justice League will have failed before it even begun.


My verdict of this movie is, wait for Redbox. It is not a must see unless you are a DC fan, or you simply just want to get out of the house. Batman V Superman needs to go back to the drawing board and hopefully get it right a second time around. 2 stars out of 5, just save your money.

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