Call of Duty Advance Warfare made by Sledgehammer will be next story of the Call of Duty series which is very interesting. If you haven’t already seen the trailer I will post it below.

The trailer consist of Kevin Spacey, who is an interesting acquisition for this game, talking about how Democracy can’t be forced onto people and some other rant that I really had no interesting in hearing because well, it’s Kevin Spacey and I was just amazed how well he looked. But after another minute, the trailer began to show some hints of what will be in the new installment and I personally was not impressed.

Now granted I always say “this Call of Duty is my last” I have a good feeling Ghost is my last, and I will be passing on the Call of Duty series for now at least. The engine still looks last gen, and the campaign which is what I am normally all about looks amazing as usually. But the lack of creativity and staleness is quite overwhelming. Copying the exoskeleton suit from Elysium and creating what looks like a Titanfall, Call of Duty, Quake Arena combat is not what I want. The energy rail gun looking gadget and the AI robot dog, (a step up from Riley) just completely ruin the series for me. And for once I will be voting with my wallet. I may find myself reviewing the game for rating purposes, but I see no real interest in playing the new Calll of Duty because it does not look new anymore.

And before anyone says, well you have to play it first. All I have to say is NBA Live and Madden. We gave them a chance, we waited, and nothing. Now Activision is a completely different beast than EA, but it seems they have no interest in improving what could be a good chance for them to control the next generation of gaming. It might be nostalgia, but Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare was incredible. The thought, the design, everything was well planned and fresh. They will still sell millions of copies of this new game because it’s Call of Duty, but I will finally not be one of them.

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