It is official! Nintendo has now announced their long awaited work of art called the Nintendo NX Switch; and so far it looks pretty Nintendoish, and Nintendoish is meant in a good way. This announcement is special to all of those who have speculated and spent hours in forums discussing the potential new system. It is also special for the die hard Nintendo fans who would have been excited for any news from the gaming giant. But this announcement is also special for the gaming world. The Nintendo Switch has the opportunity to push boundaries, and potentially change the way gamers game in the future. The new system is highlighted and shown in their new advertisement, which you can watch below. Or you can watch the advertisement by clicking here to view it. But now, here are 5 things you can learn about the Nintendo Switch.



1. What is the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is the latest console to be released by Nintendo. It is also vastly different than any home console ever released before. The Nintendo Switch is a dual console, and has the unique ability of being able to dock and connect to a TV for home play; or it can “switch” to a hand held console on the fly and be used a portable system. This portable system will be light-weight and thin with what seems like an 8 inch screen to play on. This is all possible due to the fact that the Switch is a tablet like device, not the standard unit most consoles are built as. Also, as a tablet, it allows the controllers to slide and attach on to the sides of the Switch for a handheld play, or the Switch can be placed on its stand for an on the go mini TV experience play.

2. What Type Of Games Can I Play On It?

Nintendo has already announced a plethora of third party developers who have aligned themselves to producing games for the console. The list contains some of the giants of the gaming world, such as Activision, Konami, and Capcom, as well as many others. In the advertisement, there isa hefty amount of footage showing the Switch playing Skyrim Remastered and NBA 2k17, which is a good sign that Nintendo will have a good mixture of games as opposed to the predecessor being the Wii U. Also in the advertisement are the usual games such as Mario Kart, Zelda, and Super Mario.

3. What are the Specs?

While there are no official specs for the console yet, we know that NVIDIA is the company responsible for powering the Switch in all areas. NVIDIA has worked on a similar handheld consoles in the past, and are experts in finding ways to power these little monsters. The Switch also lacks a CD-Drive due to its size and will use cartridges for games, similar to the ones used in the Nintendo 3DS, which could mean that there will be backwards compatibility for the Nintendo Switch. The Switch controllers also can be attached for handheld play, or detached for free hand play, and the option of using a pro controller similar to the Xbox controller; both of which connect via Bluetooth.

4. Is There Multiplayer?

Multiplayer game play is shown in the advertisement, but the game play is limited to the device. And although not shown in the advertisement, there is news from Nintendo specifying that there will indeed be online multiplayer and the creation of an online community for the Nintendo Switch. The quality of the online community is to be left to judgement once the actual console is released with active users participating.

5. Sounds Great, When Can I Buy It, And For How Much?

The Nintendo Switch will be available March 2017 with no exact pricing as of yet. But mark your calendars, clear some space, and expect a Nintendo Press Conference for more details regarding the Nintendo Switch.

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